Handyside Gardens

King's Cross
United Kingdom
Execution Date: 
November, 2013
Townshed Landscape Architects
Maylim Ltd

Handyside Gardens is the first public park at King’s Cross in London’s city centre. The gardens are beautifully designed with raised planting beds, places to sit and a water rill. The park has an original and exceptional look thanks to the use of CorTen® steel.

The design is based on the railways that were used in the area in the past. Moreover, the design had a big influence on the technical design of the gardens. London’s underground transport runs at less than 4,5 meters under the gardens. This limited the depth of the soil and thus the kind of plants. The raised planting beds offered the architects more freedom in their choice of plants.

In this case Garsy® Edging is the ideal solution. We developed edgings in CorTen® steel which were fixed with fins on a concrete supporting plate. In this way we could make this bespoke project to a success. In total they installed approximately 300 running meters of edging. 

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