In 2010 the historical botanical garden in Mechelen was redesigned by the architect Benoît Fondu. He designed a garden in which the shape of hop cones appeared.

Architect Benoît Fondu designed a garden in which the artwork of the resident should stand out. He created differences in height to bring dynamism. So he developed a staircase in CorTen® steel.

CorTen® steel can be used for different purposes. A good example is this project in Copenhagen.

Located in the beautiful Hyde Park the world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid designed a new wing for the Serpentine Gallery. The building reflects her architectual style.

For this lush garden the contractor chose sleek edging. The CorTen® steel that has an exceptional thickness of 10mm, provides a robust and durable solution.

The client wanted a durable green element within the school. Therefore the architect opted for a contrasting look with green and CorTen® steel.

This exceptional design for the substantial project at Hyde Park was achieved through the use of high quality stainless steel. The customized edging of Garsy creates artistic boxwood figures.

At the request of Garsy®, landscaping artist Benoît Fondu created a complete boxwood garden at a private garden in Merksplas, Belgium.