Where space is limited and a smooth passage is a must, Garsy® Cascade provides a very practical solution. It creates a waterfall of colourful flowers.

Garsy® Tree Containers are the solution if you cannot grow trees in open ground. Its smooth but subtle design draws all attention to the tree, and ensures a balance between

Thanks to its unique and multifunctional character, the patented Garsy® concept can also be used to create and design oblong shapes.

Impressive and undeniable flower-pleasure thanks to the inventive and patented Garsy® system.


We are increasingly looking for sustainable solutions to integrate more greenery in urban areas.

Handyside Gardens is the first public park at King’s Cross in London’s city centre. The gardens are beautifully designed with raised planting beds, places to sit and a water rill.

In 2010 the historical botanical garden in Mechelen was redesigned by the architect Benoît Fondu. He designed a garden in which the shape of hop cones appeared.

CorTen® steel can be used for different purposes. A good example is this project in Copenhagen.